Strategic Land
Strategic Land Strategic Land
Strategic Land

Ingleton Group Strategic Land and Development division focuses on the long-term development and regeneration of sites, consisting of:

• Land acquisition
• Master planning
• Community engagement
• Infrastructure
• Land promotion
• Land sale

The expertise of our team and established consulting bodies ensures the creation of a sustainable, sympathetic and effective development within its environment, delivering an appropriate planning permission.

We work closely with landowners, communities, local government bodies and industry experts to deliver the most effective planning results across all land uses. With 25 years of property and development expertise we have been successful in tackling an array of economic, social, environmental and contentious sites.

As a company we keep a lean management structure to ensure fluidity in our projects, allowing us maximum flexibility in our acquisition choices. Backed by active private funders, many with experience in the industry, we are able to maximise potential in long, medium or short-term projects.

If desired we will happily work with landowners to deliver development value and ensure their desires for the evolution of their land are upheld within the planning process. We are open to varying business structures to ensure that landowners maximise their return.